Cotto d’Este presents La Bellezza in Ceramica at Cersaie 2017

Refinementqualityexcellence, for over 20 years Cotto d’Este has been a point of reference in prestigious ceramic surfaces. 


The company produces high-class porcelain stoneware floor and wall coverings for the top market segment and has become a privileged partner not only for the high-end residential market but also for architects and designers.

On its stand at Cersaie 2017, the brand has unveiled the newexclusive Cement Project collection, into a space where products were shown with a display of shades, thicknesses and nuances of elegant and material tones, leaving the surfaces to emerge as the main feature.

Cement Project is a system of surfaces and colours that echoes cement effects with aesthetic and sensory fidelity, including the traditional wooden slatted form. The collection conceptually mirrors the great, brutalist twentieth century style of architecture, and takes on that rigor and strong expressive power, while enabling a wide variety of interpretation. The project uses a combination of three tones, ranging from light grey (Colour-10), to intermediate grey (Colour-20) to dark grey (Colour-30), featured on three different surfacesWorkCem and Land, each available in different thicknesses and sizes.
The Work surface finish replicates the effect of wooden slats with a precision never seen before on large, thin ceramic slabs. It is available in Kerlite plus 5.5mm which combines the contrasting characteristics of concrete and the lightness and manoeuvrability of large, ultra slim slabs. Kerlite guarantees a unique, more flexible and resilient product, distinguished by its versatility and convenience of use. Thin, lightweight with sizes up to 100×300 cm, the Kerlite slabs are reinforced with fiberglass and suit the design challenges of contemporary architecture. Moreover, thanks to a reduced thickness (down to 3.5mm), they have a minimal ecological impact: less raw materials, less water and energy consumption, less CO2 emissions. In addition to the Kerlite version, Work is also available in 20mm thickness, perfect for horizontal surfaces and floorings, as well as for exteriors. The Cem and Land surfaces reproduce cement in its purer, compact, urban style. Cem is available in Kerlite plus 5.5mm, while Land comes in a 14mm thickness, a distinctive Cotto d’Este size. The company is unique in supplying high thickness materials where the firing process is over twice as long as for the standard 10 mm porcelain stoneware and done at higher temperatures, achieving maximum strength and durability.

As well as the Cement Project, at Cersaie Cotto d’Este has introduced an enlarged range of current collections, increasing the range of finishes and sizes available in the catalogue.

Exedra, a collection inspired by marble and natural and precious stones, as well as the existing finishes – Calacatta, Albis, Amadeus, Estremoz, Marfil, Travertino and Pulpis – now has the new Rain GrayOnix Perlaand Onix Extra and Riverstone. In the Kerlite plus 5.5mm version, Exedra comes in an increased range of sizes, in addition to the already available 100x250cm slabs (in the Glossy version) especially suitable for walls. Evolving from a passion for marble and research at the most prestigious quarries, the Exedra series offers a selection of finishes made using the innovative enamel spray technology, and is characterized by the utmost fidelity to original stone and by the huge range of designs that makes each product unique. The marble veins are made with great precision and three-dimensionality that conveys a very strong visual sense of depth. The Glossy version also uses a process that produces all the splendour of glossy reflections of mirror-smooth, marble surfaces.

The Limestone and Elegance series are now available in new sizes. Elegance, which emulates Limestone Antalya, the most beautiful limestone of Asia Minor, using its soft, powdery shades, now includes a version in Kerlite plus 5.5mmLimestone, on the other hand, increases its range inspired by quarried stone with the new sizes in 20mm thickness and adds the new 100x250cm size in Kerlite plus 5.5 mm.

Finally, the Plein Air family now includes the new Ceppo finish, inspired by the character of Ceppo di Gré, which joins the colours Gris and Anthracite. Plein Air is a collection designed for horizontal surfaces, more intimate ones such as terraces and gardens and for to public spaces: the thickness of 20 mm and the exceptional resistance to breakage load makes it suitable for driveways if laid on a solid base.

Cersaie 2017 has also featured two other collections, Backstage and Wonderwall, seen last year at the same event. Backstage, inspired by the stage surfaces, mirrors the wide, rough wooden planks, giving them a contemporary tone and warm, refined nuances of colour. The collection, available in 4 colours (White, Beige, Gray, Black), is made of Kerlite 5 plus in the 20x150cm size, ensuring lightweight and an unbelievable flexibility of use. Thanks to the two surface finishes, Backstage fits well into different settings, always highlighting its highly refined character in the Paint version, in solid colours – or in the bolder version Brush with surfaces that are more tactile, sanded and consumed by time.

The final piece in the line-up of Cotto d’Este products at Cersaie 2017 is the Wonderwall collection: large (100x300cm) slabs in Kerlite, thin, light in weight and with graphic designs and new designs and suggestive, as well as ornamental patterns. Thanks to the high precision graphics, Wonderwall combines the beauty and the ornamental qualities of wallpaper with those of super-thin porcelain stoneware: strength, ease of cleaning and fitting, lightness and flexibility. The Wonderwall collection – with 14 designs available – perfectly combines the world of decoration with the world of porcelain stoneware. Architects and interior designers have an unparalleled tool to enhance any space with prospective, depth and distant panoramas.

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