Each year, the Panariagroup invests heavily in plant refurbishment, plant expansion and the implementation of cutting-edge technologies in new production lines.

Great attention is also constantly paid to the search for excellent raw materials and, as always, new surface applications. Innovation, for the Group, is an absolute dogma.

This is demonstrated by the ability to see further and invest in state-of-the-art technologies such as laminated porcelain stoneware. The Panariagroup has been focusing on this revolutionary product for over 10 years, reinterpreting and developing the technology for more and more ambitious uses.

A further example is PROTECT®, the exclusive line of antibacterial floor and wall coverings developed in collaboration with Microban®, a world leader in hygienic technologies.


Panariagroup is the leader in the production of laminated porcelain stoneware, a revolutionary product manufactured with an extremely innovative system, derived from very advanced technologies and guaranteeing high performances.

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PROTECT® is an exclusive line of extremely high performance antimicrobial floor and wall tiles, to ultimately live in spaces and on surfaces with absolute freedom and peace of mind.

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The 20 mm-thick Panariagroup collections combine beauty and high technical performance with a timeless guarantee of the product resistance.

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