Technology and passion for ceramics at the service of every customer

Technological innovation is key to Panariagroup for achieving new goals in the production of porcelain stoneware tiles and with regard to the environment. The Group’s product range combines the ancient art of ceramic with the most advanced technological standards to offer solutions of outstanding quality and to ensure our customers’ satisfaction through a diverse product range.


Panariagroup is the leader in the production of laminated porcelain stoneware, a revolutionary product manufactured with an extremely innovative system, derived from very advanced technologies and guaranteeing high performances.

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Traditional stoneware

Porcelain stoneware, synonymous with technical strength and aesthetic excellence. The wide range of sizes is enhanced by sophisticated surface finishes that make Panariagroup products ideal for contemporary architecture.

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The 20 mm-thick Panariagroup collections combine beauty and high technical performance with a timeless guarantee of the product resistance.

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Large 12 mm slabs

The large 12 mm slabs, reinforced with a fibreglass mesh, are next-generation products, presented in a new 160×320 cm size available in a wide range of marble, stone, and cement effects.

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