Extensive information on our cookie policy


This “extended policy”, which updates and integrates previous versions, has been prepared and customised specifically for this site based on the provisions of art. 13 of European Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), as well as by the Provision of 8 May 2014 issued by the Guarantor for the protection of personal data, as amended and perfected by the “Cookies and other tracking tools guidelines” of 10 June 2021. It also integrates the additional information on the site, in combination with which it provides all the elements required by art. 13 of the GDPR, as well as by the additional provisions of the Guarantor Authority for the protection of personal data.


Important notice

All third parties are informed that the use of this information, or even only of some parts of it, on other websites in reference to which it would certainly be irrelevant and/or incorrect and/or inconsistent, may result in the imposition of heavy sanctions by the Guarantor Authority for the protection of personal data.


Object of the policy

Our company uses tracking technologies on these web pages using so-called “Cookies” to collect certain information about the user, including certain personal data. Consequently, this policy is intended to illustrate to the user in a clear and precise manner the purposes and methods of their use. This document cancels and fully replaces any previous indications provided by the company on the subject of cookies, which are therefore to be considered completely outdated.


Definition of Cookies

Cookies are text strings (small files), which the websites visited (“first parties”) or different sites or web servers (“third parties”) place and store within a terminal device in the user’s availability (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.), to then be retransmitted to the same sites that sent them, during the next visit by the same user.


Cookies used by this website and their purposes

The cookies used on this website are of the following types:

  1. Technical cookies: allow the user optimal and fast browsing through the website and the efficient use of the services and/or the various options it offers, allowing, for example, the user to make a purchase or to authenticate the user to allow access to restricted areas. These cookies are necessary to improve the usability of the website and their use does not require the users consent.
  2. Anonymous analytics/statistics cookies: they are anonymous or aggregate web analysis tools, which make it possible to have information on how users use the website, how they got there, the number and duration of visits, etc. These cookies make it possible to introduce improvements to the website, which facilitate access by users, and to compile statistics. These cookies are comparable to technical cookies and their use does not require the users consent.
  3. Profiling/marketing cookies: these are tools that make it possible to create a detailed “profile” of the individual user, which has the purpose of sending targeted advertising. In particular, every time the user enters the website, information is collected, through the study of behaviour within the individual pages visited, on his or her habits, tastes, favourite products, etc. This then allows our company to “catalogue” the user and show/send him or her personalised advertising. These cookies can only be used with the explicit consent of the user, who can make his or her choices through the banner and/or through the link accessible from the footer of the website and possibly also reported at the bottom of this extended policy. 


Cookies installed by this website through third parties

The so-called “third-party” cookies are cookies that may be installed on the user’s terminal by third-party site managers, through and on behalf of this site, for the various purposes listed above.

When necessary, third-party cookies for “profiling” purposes, used by this website, are listed in detail in the link accessible from the banner and footer of the website, as well as possibly reported at the bottom of this extended policy, through which the user can optionally express his or her consent to the use of all or some profiling cookies.


Browser settings

We also inform you that the user can configure, freely and at any time, his or her privacy parameters in relation to the installation and use of all cookies, directly through his or her browsing programme (browser) following the relative instructions.

In particular, the user can set the so-called “private browsing”, thanks to which his or her browsing programme stops saving the history of the sites visited, any passwords entered, cookies and other information on the pages visited.

We warn you that in the event that the user decides to disable all cookies (even those of a technical nature), the quality and speed of the services offered by this website may drastically worsen and one may lose access to some sections of the site itself.


Legal basis of the processing

For technical and analytics cookies, the processing is necessary to optimise the browsing of the site by the user and allow him or her to easily use the requested services.

For profiling cookies, the legal basis is the consent optionally given by the user, which can be revoked in full and/or modified at any time.


Withdrawal or modification of consent

The user may at any time revoke and/or modify his or her choices by accessing the link accessible from the footer of the website, as well as possibly reported at the bottom of this extended policy.


Recipients or categories of recipients of personal data

The data may be disclosed to third parties only to fulfil legal obligations, as well as to satisfy the choices and/or any requests of the user. The data will not be disseminated under any circumstances.


People authorised to process the data

the data shall be processed exclusively by the employees specifically authorised.


Rights of the data subject

The user has all of the rights set forth in European Regulation, such as the right to request access to his or her personal data and to have them adjusted or deleted or to restrict their processing, the right to object to their processing, as well as the right to data portability. The user also has the right to lodge a complaint or make a report to the Supervisory Authority, identifiable in the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data, or appeal to the Judicial Authority.


Transfers to third countries

Any transfers of personal data to a third country outside the European Union or to an international organisation shall take place on the basis of an adequacy decision of the Commission or, in the case of the transfers pursuant to articles 46, 47 or 49, second paragraph, of the European Regulation, on the basis of appropriate and suitable safeguards.


Data storage period

The data shall be stored for the period of time strictly necessary to respond to the requests of the data subject or on the basis of what is set forth in regulations in. force. In particular, profiling cookies will be kept for a maximum of six months from collection, after which they will be deleted or anonymised, unless their storage for a longer time is necessary to comply with legal regulations or to follow up on inspections, investigations, litigation or for similar purposes.


Data controller

The data controller is Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche S.p.A., with registered office in Finale Emilia, (MO), Via Panaria Bassa no. 22/A.


Data protection officer

The data protection officer is Mr. Juri Torreggiani, office located in Reggio Emilia, Via Piccard no. 16/G, tel. 522/30.11.69, fax 0522/38.79.96: any request for clarifications or information may be addressed to such officer.


This policy may be supplemented, verbally or in writing, with additional elements and indications, to best satisfy any need to obtain information concerning “Privacy” and in accordance with regulatory developments.


Date of updating of this document: 20/02/2023