To excel in the world of luxury ceramics means knowing how to continuously create highly technological products and how to enhance them through the utmost attention to aesthetics and detail.

In order to satisfy the tastes of the most high-end and demanding market segment, Panariagroup has always adhered to the highest standards of excellence, combining its history of skilful artisan craftsmanship with cutting edge technology.

Specialised in the production of porcelain and laminated porcelain stoneware, the Group has focused on the high-end and luxury segments of the market that it caters for by means of ten brands: Panaria Ceramica, Lea Ceramiche, Cotto d’Este, Blustyle, Florida Tile, Margres, Love Tiles, Gresart, Bellissimo and Maxa.

These brands fulfil the needs of diverse customers who share the same concern for the aesthetic and technical quality of products. Founded in 1974 Panariagroup is an international company with a strong Italian soul and an extensive sales network in over 130 countries all over the world.

Our Mission

We are specialized in the manufacture and sale of ceramic surfaces that promote beauty and innovation.

Our TEAM generates sustainable value for shareholders, employees and business partners in full respect of the environment and society.

Our FOCUS is research and innovation that serve to enhance the beauty and quality of our products.

Our OBJECTIVE is to meet the high aesthetic and comfort expectations of our private and professional Clients, in both construction and architecture.

Our STRATEGY is based on the strength of the multi-brand approach, with 9 brands that, at the international level, seek to fulfil a precise and distinct role in the market and in global competition. By leveraging assets and Group investments, Panariagroup aims to bring dedicated and high quality products to all major market segments.

Our Values

We continuously invest in research, technology, and cutting-edge facilities to respond to every need of architecture and interior design with innovative solutions that become a reference point in the industry.

We strive for industrial excellence, from the quality of raw materials to process efficiency, to achieve products that combine the utmost aesthetic value with the highest technical performance.

We always place people and quality of life at the centre of our activities, with products that are safe and environmentally sustainable while operating with maximum respect for those who work with us.

The reliability of a Group that, from its family roots within the ceramic district of Sassuolo, has grown to become an international company, operating worldwide while maintaining its Italian soul.

Our History


Panaria Ceramica founded

In 1974, Panaria Ceramica was founded by a group of entrepreneurs; among them was Giuliano Mussini, head of the Mussini family, the current major shareholders of Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche S.p.A.



During the 1990s, Panaria implemented a strategy of expansion and extension of its brands and products through the acquisition, in 1992, of Ceramiche Artistiche Lea, a company specialised in the production of white body single-fired floor tiles, and by founding, that same year, Cotto d’Este, a brand creating and producing high-end lines aimed for the luxury bracket of the market.



Panariagroup acquired a second company in Portugal: Novagrés, now Love Tiles, a leading brand in the production of large format monoporosa coverings and floors in glazed porcelain stoneware. The process of internationalisation continued in 2006 with the acquisition of the brand and main assets of Florida Tile Industries, a historical brand in the United States in the production and distribution of ceramic material. In December 2006, the two Portuguese companies Novagrés and Margrès merged into Gres Panaria Portugal, maintaining the identity of the two brands. Furthermore, a new company named Panariagroup USA Inc. was established to control the Florida Tile and Lea North America companies.


Margres acquisition

The process of expansion into international markets became a reality with the acquisition, in 2002, of Maronâgres (today Margres), an important company in the field of porcelain stoneware in Portugal.


Panariagroup founded

2004 was the year of Panariagroup’s foundation, following the merger by incorporation of all Italian companies in Panaria. In the same year, Panariagroup decided to become a public company and on 19 November 2004 the Group was listed in the STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange. The internationalization process continued with the foundation, in 2004, of Lea North America LLC, a company created to oversee the distribution of Lea products in the increasingly strategic US market.
In the same year, Cotto d’Este launched Kerlite, the revolutionary line of ultra-thin slabs: Panariagroup was the first ceramic group to introduce an innovation on the market that changed the concept of tiles.


The acquisition of Novagrés

In 2005 Panariagroup acquired another company in Portugal, Novagrés, called Love Tiles today, a leading manufacturer of large size monoporosa wall tiles and glazed porcelain stoneware floor tiles. The process of internationalisation continued in 2006 with the acquisition of the trademark and main assets of Florida Tile Industries, a historical brand in the United States for the production and distribution of
ceramic tiles. In December 2006, the two Portuguese companies Novagrés and Margres merged into Gres Panaria Portugal whilst retaining the two different brands separate. Furthermore, Panariagroup USA Inc. was established to run Florida Tile and Lea North America.


Blustyle Ceramica founded

Blustyle Ceramica was created in 2008 to offer the market an agile and innovative model in terms of both its products and distribution approach. The company gradually flourished and today it is an official Brand in the Cotto d’Este family, from which it draws all its high-quality characteristics featured in products with a traditional thickness.


The production of porcelain stoneware

After years of successful commercialization of laminated porcelain stoneware, a revolutionary, high-performance material, the result of state-of-the-art technology, in 2009 Panariagroup installed the first production line for this product at the Fiorano Modenese plant.


Panariagroup Trade

Panariagroup’s expansion continued and in 2010 a new sales organisation, Panariagroup Trade, was established, with the aim of gaining market shares in the Middle East, the Far East and Oceania. In particular, Panariagroup Trade responds to the need to distribute the Group’s brands in these areas through more targeted commercial policies that respect the precise identity and peculiar features of each brand.
In the same year Panariagroup signed its first agreement with Microban, a world leader in antibacterial technologies, for the creation of products for healthy, safe and protected spaces.


The joint venture with Asian Granito

The internationalisation process continued thanks to a joint venture with Asian Granito, a leading company in the Indian market. The “Bellissimo” brand was launched with the purpose of producing and selling luxury ceramic products with high value in terms of style and technology on the Asian market. The Group became even more committed to the Indian Business Unit in 2019 with the acquisition of 100% of the company’s shares.



The certified sustainability reporting process officially began with the publication of the first Report and with the development in subsequent years of initiatives aimed at certain stakeholder categories (starting with employees).
Strengthening of the commitment to laminated porcelain stoneware: the third production line was built in Fiorano and the product range was expanded with the introduction of new sizes and thicknesses.


the Contract & Key-Account Division

Significant advances were made in terms of industrial development with major investments in all Business Units.
New commercial channels were developed: the Contract & Key-Account Division was set up.



The Group further increased its commitment to laminated porcelain stoneware with the introduction of new formats and thicknesses. Panariagroup’s thin slabs were selected for the Vatican Chapels project, the first pavilion ever built by the Holy See at the Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition. Important investments were also made in industrial upgrading of the Portuguese Business Unit.


New certifications

The company’s quality assurance was progressively strengthened, in particular with the introduction of new product sustainability certifications (e.g. EPD and Green Guard).



Maxa Ceramic Slabs was established, the new Panariagroup brand that focuses on providing large-format, high-thickness ceramic maxi-slabs for the furnishing accessories and interior design segment.


The ultra-thin slabs become Carbon Neutral

THINk ZERO is the innovation strategy that confirms Panariagroup among the leading companies in sustainability. As evidence of this are the actions involving the production processes for limiting the consumption of raw materials and CO2 emissions that are 100% compensated, thus creating a Carbon Neutral product, the most sustainable ceramic surface in the world.


In April, Panariagroup announces the total acquisition, by the Portuguese Business Unit Gres Panaria Portugal, of the company Gresart, located in the industrial district of Aveiro, where the Group is already present with two production sites in Aveiro and Ilhavo. In September of the same year, the Group signs the agreement for the purchase of the most important assets of Steuler Fliesengruppe, taking over the Leisnig plant and the historic brands Steuler design, Grohn, Nordceram, and Kerateam.

Where we are

HQs Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche S.P.A. (Fiorano Modenese, MO - Italy)
HQs Lea Ceramiche (Fiorano Modenese, MO - Italy)
HQs Cotto d'Este & Blustyle (Sassuolo, MO - Italy)
HQs Panaria Ceramica (Finale Emilia, MO - Italy)
HQs Maxa Ceramic Slabs (Fiorano Modenese, MO - Italy)
Lea Ceramiche Showroom (Milano - Italy)
Cotto d'Este Showroom (Milano - Italy)
Montanari Store (Bologna - Italy)
Wharehouse (Finale Emilia, MO - Italy)
Wharehouse (Toano, RE - Italy)
Wharehouse (Fiorano Modenese, MO - Italy)
Wharehouse (Sassuolo, MO - Italy)
Wharehouse (Sant'Antonino di Casalgrande, MO - Italy)
Plant (Finale Emilia, MO - Italy)
Plant (Toano, RE - Italy)
Plant (Fiorano Modenese, MO - Italy)
HQs Bellissimo (Ahmedabad, Gujarat - India)
Wharehouse (Ahmedabad, Gujarat - India)
HQs Gres Panaria Portugal S.P.A. (Aveiro - Portugal)
Love Tiles & Margres (Lisboa - Portugal)
Love Tiles & Margres (Aveiro - Portugal)
Wharehouse (Ilhavo - Portugal)
Wharehouse (Aveiro - Portugal)
Plant (Ilhavo - Portugal)
Plant (Aveiro - Portugal)
Gresart (Oliveira do Bairro - Portugal)
HQs Panaria USA (Lexington, Kentucky - USA)
HQs Florida Tile Inc. (Lexington, Kentucky - USA)
Florida Tile Store (Erlanger, Kentucky - USA)
Wharehouse (Lawrenceburg, Kentucky - USA)
Plant (Lawrenceburg, Kentucky - USA)
HQs Lea North America LLC (Charlotte, North Carolina - USA)
Florida Tile Store (Charlotte, North Carolina - USA)
Florida Tile Store (Greensboro, North Carolina - USA)
Florida Tile Store (Raleigh, North Carolina - USA)
Florida Tile Store (Wilmington, North Carolina - USA)
Florida Tile Store (Cincinnati, Ohio - USA)
Florida Tile Store (Columbus, Ohio - USA)
Florida Tile Store (Dayton, Ohio - USA)
Florida Tile Store (Chesapeake, Virginia - USA)
Florida Tile Store (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - USA)
Florida Tile Store (Atlanta, Georgia - USA)
Florida Tile Store (Lakeland, Florida - USA)
Florida Tile Store (Miami, Florida - USA)
Florida Tile Store (Pensacola, Florida - USA)
Florida Tile Store (Tallahassee, Florida - USA)
Florida Tile Store (Dallas, Texas - USA)
Florida Tile Store (San Antonio, Texas - USA)
Florida Tile Store (Denver, Colorado - USA)
Florida Tile Store (Fort Collins, Colorado - USA)
Florida Tile Store (Salt Lake City, Utah - USA)
Florida Tile Store (Boise, Idaho - USA)
Florida Tile Store (Eugene, Oregon - USA)
Florida Tile Store (Portland, Oregon - USA)
Florida Tile Store (Seattle, Washington - USA)
HQs Gres Panaria Central Europe GMBH (Hamburg - Germany)
Nordceram (Bremer - Germany)
Grohn (Bremer - Germany)
Kerateam (Leisnig - Germany)
Steuler design (Mühlacker - Germany)

The Governance

It is a privilege to be able to choose to improve the world; a privilege I intend to honour forever.

EMILIO MUSSINI, President Panariagroup


The group organization

The organizational structure of the Panariagroup includes the brands operating in Italy and the companies formed to manage other brands and production sites around the world.


The Group aims to generate sustainable value for its shareholders, employees and business partners respecting society and the environment.



Panariagroup has always been a relevant sponsor of sports teams. Team spirit, tenacity, and a push for increasingly better results are the principles at the foundation of Panariagroup’s passion for sport.