Panariagroup has published its 2018 Non-Financial Statement in compliance with current legislation. The official presentation will follow shortly.

Panariagroup aims to improve its impact on society in economic, social and environmental terms; for this reason, each year specific sustainability objectives to be implemented are announced. These represent a commitment that the Group makes towards its stakeholders.


Target Target
Installation of a third production line in our Fiorano Modenese plant (Italy), with a 60% increase in the output of big-size, laminated porcelain stoneware slabs, whose production involves a lower environmental impact and an increase in employment.
Installation of a new, complete production line in our plant in Aveiro (Portugal), including a press, a kiln, a new-generation oven, selection, rectifying/lapping.
Completion and inauguration of a new NDC (National Distribution Centre) in our USA plant, with an 11,000 m2 increase in covered surface and a 15,000 m2 outside plot.
Installation of new equipment in our Italian business unit: 3 digital printing machines, 2 cutting/rectifying lines, 1 kiln, 1 complete equipment for material handling with laser guided vehicles.
Industry 4.0: adhesion to incentives for digitalization (Article 3 of Italian Legislative Decree of 23. December 2013, No. 145, as replaced by Article 1, paragraph 35 of the 2015 Stability Act and amended in the 2017 Budget)  2018
Installation of new production equipment at the Italian Business Unit: one sorting line at the Toano plant, one sorting line and one drying room at the Fiorano factory  2018
Installation of new production equipment at the Portugal Business Unit: modification of an enamelling line to produce large formats and double loading technology at the Ilhavo plant, one dig ital machine at the Aviero plant  2018
New finished product storage at the Aveiro plant and new logistics management for the Portuguese Business Unit  2018
Completion of the new Florida Tile showroom in Lexington, USA  2018
Extension of the covered area at the Fiorano plant, for the expansion and optimization of production of large-format slabs  2019


Target Target
Introduction of a new, consistent evaluation system for new suppliers, based on social and environmental criteria and on their respect of human and workers’ rights.  2019
Development of Impact Assessment and Risk Analysis on social and environmental impacts during the whole supply chain.  2020


Target Target
Upgrade according to anti-seismic guidelines of the whole Italian Finale Emilia plant.
Installation of L.E.D. and magnetic induction lighting in the Italian Finale Emilia plant to replace neon tubes in order to strongly lower energy consumption.
Complete replacement of the existing covering with eco-compatible material in the whole Italian Finale Emilia plant.
Progressive introduction of EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) for all porcelain stoneware and laminated porcelain stoneware collections for the Brands in the Italian Business Unit’s catalogue, with installation and use of dedicated software  2018
Upgrading of quality and environmental management systems to comply with the new ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 standards for the Italian and Portuguese business units  2018
Implementation of a quality management system certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 for the US production plant  2018
Installation of LED and magnetic induction lighting to replace fluorescent and neon lights at the Italian Toano plant in order to get a significant reduction in electricity consumption  2018
Optimization of management, purification and recovery of wastewater and sludge at the Italian plants  2018
Installation of ventilation systems to improve the working environment inside the press and atomizing departments of the Florida Tile plant in Lexington, USA  2018
Introduction of a structured recycling system at the offices of the Italian Business Unit and an awareness campaign for a “green” workplace  2018


Target Target
Activation of trade/supplementary contracts for Italian employees in Finale Emilia, Fiorano Modenese, Sassuolo and Casalgrande, including company-led welfare initiatives in relation to supplementary pension/providence allowances, health insurance and services directed towards the employees and their families.
Implementation of a bonus scheme for managers, linked to corporate financial results  2018
Informative measures on sustainability for employees, with dedicated meetings and periodic newsletters  2018
Introduction of scholarships for the employees at the Portuguese Business Unit as an incentive to reach individual training objectives  2018
A campaign for free and voluntary anti-influenza vaccinations for employees at the Italian Business Unit  2018
Introduction of new health and ergonomics courses in the Florida Tile, USA, factory and showrooms  2018
Introduction of emotional intelligence training courses for the Portuguese Business Unit  2018
Setting up of a reward system for employees who distinguish themselves in activities related to environmental protection, an “Ecological Merit Award” for the Italian Business Unit  2019
Analysis of employee satisfaction in the Italian and US Business Units  2019


Target Target
Installation of the SAP system to manage all processes in our USA business unit.
Integration of our organisational model for security management in the Italian business unit through the installation of an ad hoc software and a more centralised plant management.
Commitment to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact initiative  2018
Improvement of access control to the Italian Business Unit’s sites through the installation of specific IT systems 2018
Introduction of a Code of Ethics and a Code of Business Conduct for the Group 2018
Installation of a SAP information system to manage of all the processes at the Portuguese Business Unit 2018
Compliance with the new European privacy laws 2019

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