Panariagroup aims to improve its impact on society in economic, social and environmental terms; for this reason, concrete sustainability objectives to be achieved are declared every year which represent a commitment that the Group assumes towards its stakeholders.



Actions  Status  Progress
Industry 4.0: installation of a supervisory system
of establishment and interconnection to the production lines
in the factories of Finale Emilia and Toano (Italy), Aveiro
and Ílhavo (Portugal).
Partially completed. The system is active in
Toano plant, while for the other plants it is
nearing completion.
Complete restructuring of a production line
at the Fiorano Modenese plant, through
installation of a new press for the forming of
large format slabs, a multi-level dryer,
a sorting line and a packaging line with
increase in production capacity and optimization of
energy consumption.
Modification of the internal plant layout of the
Fiorano Modenese plant, with consequent
improvement of logistics organization e
production, and purchase of new guided laser systems
for the automatic handling of the slabs of
large format, resulting in optimization of
productivity of internal processing lines (grinding e
Installation of a new pressing line,
drying and decoration at the plant
of Aveiro, with a consequent increase in capacity
production of large format tiles (up to
120×120 cm) and performance optimization
Reorganization of the layout of the sanding department
and grinding at the Ílhavo plant per
optimization of internal logistics, and installation of
soundproofing systems for the improvement of
To be completed in 2023.
Replacement of an oven at the Finale plant
Emilia with a new plant characterized by high
production capacity and performance optimization in
terms of energy consumption.
Installation at the Finale Emilia site of a new one
dry grinding line, equipped with innovative
automations to improve efficiency e
of production yields, and of a new sorting line,
with the possibility of processing and managing formats of
large size (up to the side 180cm).
Implementation of new automatic vehicles for
the handling of fired material at the
Finale Emilia site, necessary for management
the increase in production volumes.
Increased storage capacity of large slabs
trained at the Fiorano Modenese site via
reorganization of the semi-finished warehouse, for
optimization of the processing cycle and speed
response to the customer.
Complete revamping of a furnace at the site of
Fiorano Modenese, by making the system more efficient
of cooling, with the aim of reducing the risks of
defects on fired material.
Implementation of a new production line for
large formats at the factory
of Aveiro, by installing a press, a
horizontal dryer, and an equipped glazing line
of innovative digital printer.
Installation, at the Ílhavo plant, of a
fume recovery system from the kilns
during the cooking phase inside the atomizer,
with consequent energy saving and decrease
of CO2 emissions.
Panel optimization intervention
atomizer control at the plant of
Lawrenceburg, to increase its efficiency and reduce the
energy waste.
Installation of new transformer and switchgear
distribution at the Lawrenceburg plant,
to optimize the efficiency of the entire factory in terms
of electricity consumption.
To be completed in 2023.



Actions  Status  Progress
Industry 4.0: obtaining CE line certifications
in the factories of Finale Emilia and Toano (Italy).
In completion. The certifications have been obtained for the two lines present in the Finale Emilia plant.
Replacement of 50% of the Business car fleet
Portuguese unit with hybrid cars.
Temporarily suspended for internal evaluations.
Optimization of the recovery and treatment plant
dust filters in the Fiorano Modenese plant.
Further implementation of improvement activities
ecological packaging with replacement of
“white” (virgin plastic) strap with a strap
“green” (composed of regenerated plastic), in the
plants of the Italian Business Unit.
Implementation of a software (VMS) dedicated to
internal logistics, aimed at optimizing the
material handling management, con
resulting in lower fuel consumption and lower
The software and equipment have been installed. The tests are nearing completion; the Go Live stage is
scheduled for June 2023.
Starting a mapping activity related to the use of
plastic material recycled in foreign BUs, and later
evaluation of activities and dedicated objectives.
The start of the activity is scheduled for 2023.
Study of new solutions, through a function
dedicated company, for the optimization of the schemes
palletizing at the production plants e
external suppliers, with the aim of reducing the use of
wood (BU Italy).
Further increase in hybrid cars (plug-in
hybrid) in the car fleet and installation of charging stations
Completed the increase of hybrid cars; the first
charging stations will be installed in 2023.
Further extension of the PROTECT technology to the
most of the products offered in the catalogs of
Increase in Panariagroup products subjected to
life cycle assessment (LCA – Life Cycle assessment) e
periodic renewal of the EPDs (Environmental Declarations
of Product) of the Panariagroup sites.
The action became an objective of the Plan
Sustainability (target: 2025).
Gradual expansion of the range of products/solutions
applications included in the BIM path (Building Information
The action became an objective of the Plan
Sustainability (target: 2025).



Actions  Status  Progress
Preparation of a reward system for i
employees who stand out for activities related to themes
of sustainability “sustainability award” at the Business
Italian and Portuguese unity.
Completed. The extension to the American Business Unit it was not applied in favor of other priorities.
Strengthening of staff listening activities
in the Italian Business Unit (example: climate analysis,
Completed. The extension to the American Business Unit it was not applied in favor of other priorities.
Establishment of Scholarships dedicated to the children of
employees in the Italian Business Unit.
Temporarily suspended for internal evaluations.
Free and optional offer of a specialist service
consultation (example: posturologist, nutritionist,
psychologist) in the Italian and Portuguese Business Unit.
Completed in the Portuguese Business Unit. The action has not been proposed in the Italian Business Unit.
Investments planned for 0.5 million euros for interventions aimed at reducing the risk of manual handling of loads (manipulators, automatic loaders) in the Italian Business Unit. Completed.
Investments planned for 0.7 million euros for
interventions related to safety and environmental comfort
of collaborators (soundproofing systems and systems
for the reduction of diffused dustiness) of the Business
Italian unit.
Extension of the management and development system of
skills, already implemented for the Aveiro site (Portugal), at the headquarters in Ílhavo (Portugal).
Extension of the management and skills development system, already implemented for the Aveiro (Portugal) office, to the Ílhavo (Portugal) office. Completed.
Evaluation of a monitoring platform skills and training. Action postponed to 2023.
Implementation of work flexibility tools (eg. definition of a smartworking policy/model). Completed.
Strengthening of dialogue with schools local (in particular Technical Institutes) and implementation of training courses. Completed.
Definition of a RSPP (Responsible for the Service of
Prevention and Protection) of the Group.



Actions  Status  Progress
Study for the selection of an integrated platform of
assessment of suppliers, which takes into account
also the ESG criteria and allows for the development of a “vendor
rating” (BU Italy).
The evaluation has been carried out and the
most suitable software. Awaiting final approval from
part of the management.




Actions  Status  Progress
Development of a stakeholder engagement activity of Customers in the Italian Business Unit. To be completed in 2023.
Implementation of the VIS service in the Business unit
American, to monitor the quality in real time
supplies and give their customers feedback
fast and exhaustive, improving the after-sales service.
Identification of the categories of customers on which measure satisfaction (target). To be completed in 2023.
Increased investment in raising awareness of customers and consumers towards the theme of Sustainability. Completed.



Actions  Status  Progress
Improved access control system sites of the Italy Business Unit, by installing dedicated IT supports. Temporarily suspended for internal evaluations.