At Cersaie 2021, for the first time, the Group recounts the excellence and uniqueness of its own brands through a unique, characterising and distinctive project.



On the occasion of the eagerly awaited 2021 edition of Cersaie, the main International Exhibition of Ceramic Tiles and Bathroom Furnishings, Panariagroup and its brands have changed hall, relocating to a central position and relaunching their presence with an ambitious, distinctive and high-impact project designed by a prestigious name.  The aim is to explicitly narrate a story of concreteness, the presence of a trailblazing Group in the ceramic material sector, whose innovation and intuition have inspired and defined the path for the evolution of tiles from a construction element to an architectonic language. This has been achieved through specific identities: brands which had identified individual pathways, each characterised by high quality and distinctive personalities.


The new project Panariagroup Masterplan, developed by the renowned architect Ferruccio Laviani, will come to life in Hall 30 in Bologna, confirming the company’s determination to be present at the most important exhibition event of the sector in Italy and worldwide. It will do so in an unprecedented, strong and decisive way, leveraging an architecture that effectively expresses the Group’s identity, while also ensuring that each brand maintains it individual character.


“After exiting the Borsa, Masterplan marks the beginning of a new path. It is a Group project, a tangible sign of the great maturity and solidity achieved, which has inspired us to tell the company’s story using a unique language, while also respecting the specificity of each brand. A project that also confirms the virtuous partnership with Ferruccio Laviani, who has excelled at interpreting this company’s significant awareness.” Emilio Mussini, Chairman of Panariagroup, declared: “Returning to Cersaie with this new structure, following the cancellation of last year’s edition, makes it all the more meaningful: it demonstrates a strong belief in this reference event for the sector, a desire to be there, with a sense of commitment and conviction, and it means believing in the future, with a positive outlook.”


Masterplan is based on three identifying elements, or fundamental ingredients, all inspired by the urban landscape: plazas, intersections and a central axis that orientate the passage of visitors, welcoming them to a neighbourhood that is as unique as it is unprecedented in this hall.

In order to highlight the Group’s identity, Architect Laviani has adopted colour as an expedient: a clay coloured leitmotif, typical of Po Valley architecture. Backgrounds are interspersed with technical details that evoke anthracite grey industrial sunbreakers, which generate rhythm, once more highlighting a sense of belonging to the Group.

Inside, various brands face a central path with large glass partitions which, like stores in a historic city centre, showcase visions of interior settings in window displays, where each brand narrates its own world, using an exhibition language that is different every time.


Architecture is the key topic of the Cotto d’Este exhibition space, where different volumes narrate exclusive surfaces and a new brand positioning that is the ultimate expression of flawless performance and beauty without compromise.


The Panaria Ceramica brand space is characterised by different residential settings, reconstructed in a series of set ups which elevate ceramic material to a family dimension that is inviting and intimate.


Lea Ceramiche affirms the topic of colour, also suggesting possible ceramic material matchings with different architectonic finishings, like paints and colour palettes typical of contemporary interiors.


At the stand dedicated to Maxa, the brand of large-sized and 12 mm ceramic slabs, surfaces inspire furnishing accessories and product design, from the kitchen to tables and seats, experimenting with new applications.


For the Group’s Portuguese brands, Love Tiles and Margres, a pragmatic and captioned approach was selected to recount collections that are ideal above all for residential contexts, in the case of Love Tiles, or for more technical ones, in the case of Margres.



The 2021 edition of Cersaie is important and Panariagroup has seized the opportunity to present its renewed vision and a desire to narrate the Group’s strength, through the quality and excellence of its solutions and collections developed by its brands.

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