Panariagroup presents MAXA: thick ceramic slabs for the contract and interior design sectors

The new collection features tiles in large formats and with a thickness of 12 mm, ensuring best-ever standards in terms of quality, strength – thanks to the presence of fibreglass – and versatility.


Panariagroup – the leading ceramic surfaces manufacturer, known for its unerring pursuit of high-quality, reliable and versatile solutions for different areas of application – is expanding its product range with the creation of MAXA, a new brand of large, high-impact slabs with increased resistance.


A pioneering presence in the production and commercialisation of large-format ceramic slabs, Panariagroup is now consolidating its range of high-strength products with the introduction of increased thickness slabs. The new Maxa slabs are reinforced with a fibreglass mesh which significantly improves their attributes and the already numerous usage possibilities, reducing the risk of breakage during transportation and handling. The result is a solid, reliable material for the furnishing and interior industries.


Porcelain stoneware delivers impeccable aesthetics and unique technical attributes and as such is the material of choice for many different purposes, including the production of furniture and surfaces for kitchens and bathrooms.

With a thickness of 12 mm, a format of 160×320 cm and a carefully selected range of materials, colours and surface finishes in line with the latest interior trends, the Maxa porcelain stoneware products are the perfect fusion of aesthetics and performance and can also be combined with the vast range of other collections from brands in the Panariagroup.


One of the key characteristics of the MAXA surfaces is the option to customise the edges in order to ensure they adapt to any design requirement. The versatility of the Maxa collection is confirmed by the fact that it lends itself to many different uses and contexts: the products are ideal for use in the kitchen, given that they are resistant to high temperatures and are suitable for contact with food and easy to clean, yet they are also perfect for bathrooms, on account of their resistance to dampness, mould and domestic cleaning products. The new line is also ideal for the contract sector. The products are environmentally friendly and recyclable, contain no plastic, paint or resin and their colours are not susceptible to alteration due to light exposure. Last but not least, Maxa coverings can also be used in outdoor areas. They remain flat and stable in time and are resistant to all types of temperatures, making them perfect for outdoor use.


Panariagroup’s extensive experience in the ceramic sector shines through once again in this collection of products oriented towards new target markets and areas of application. With meticulously designed aesthetics and a contemporary, innovative style, the Maxa line has been created with designers in mind.


Technical details


Dimensions: 160x132cm


  • Marble: Calacatta Oro, Carrara Venato, Statuario White, Pietra Grey and Royal Brown available in the Lux and Soft finishes
  • Stone: Lightstone, Basalt and Slate available in the Natural finish
  • Concrete: Concrete Light Grey and Concrete Grey available in the Natural finish