Parco del Mare

The Rimini North Parco del Mare is an enormous urban redevelopment project: concrete, asphalt, car parks and heavy traffic are being replaced by pedestrian routes, cycle paths, urban greenery, benches and natural islands. A green and environmentally friendly space in a coastal city that has always been renowned for its hospitality. In this context, new pedestrian routes have been designed to encourage residents and tourists to adopt greener and more sustainable habits. The new “promenade” stretches between Rivabella and Torre Pedrera, following the coastline and allowing people to admire the sea and experience it in different ways. The aim is to recover the distinctive characteristics of places in the Rimini North tourist area. The plans included general reorganisation of transport, architectural design and landscaping of public spaces, street furniture design and renovation of facilities. In 2020, installation of approximately 44,000 square metres of porcelain tiles officially got underway. The key player: Cotto d’Este.



For the new, enchanting promenade of the Rimini North Parco del Mare, 20 mm-thick custom multi-size slabs were created with a light and bright colour and a roughness typical of a flamed stone finish. It is a surface created from casts made from natural stone, treated with a flamed effect, i.e. struck by a jet of naked flame at high temperatures and immediately cooled with water. High performance and impeccable aesthetics; a perfect combination to meet the design requirements of an innovative, green and contemporary architectural context of this kind. The effect of a sedimentary stone that originates from the seabed has been masterfully reinterpreted by Cotto d’Este with a contemporary twist in keeping with the urban identity of Rimini, a charming and important coastal city.

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