We are increasingly aware of surface hygiene and cleanliness when it comes to all of the choices that we make in our daily lives, starting with those having to do with the spaces in which we live.

This is why our research centre has developed PROTECT® by Panariagroup, an exclusive line of extremely high performance antimicrobial floor and wall tiles, designed for cleaner, fresher and protected living spaces. To ultimately live in spaces and on surfaces with absolute freedom and peace of mind.

Healthy, safe and protected environments with Protect® by Panariagroup

Powerful Action, eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria The technology used in PROTECT® by Panariagroup products, based on silver ions, blocks the metabolism of bacteria and helps prevent their growth and reproduction on the treated surface.

Continuous protection, 24 hours a day Unlike other technologies, such as those based on the use of Titanium Dioxide, the protective shield is always active, day and night, with or without sunlight and it does not need UV rays for activation.

Eternal effectiveness, thanks to technology integrated into the product Silver ions, permanently integrated into the tile at the moment of firing, are active throughout the life cycle of the product and always guarantee a high level of protection between cleaning operations.

Quality guaranteed, PROTECT® by Panariagroup is guaranteed by the partnership with Microban®, the world’s leading company in the use of antimicrobial technology applied to numerous sectors and products. Furthermore it complies with international safety regulations and it is tested by specialized independent laboratories.