Cotto d’Este is a top sponsor of the conference “The Bosco Verticale: the Challenges of a New Architecture”

Cotto d’Este confirmed its commitment to the world of design, becoming a top sponsor of “The Bosco Verticale: the Challenges of a New Architecture” training conference that took place on 17 November from 9am to 6pm at the Riccardo Catella Foundation’s spaces in Milan.


Promoted by the Stefano Boeri Architectural Firm and Action Group, with the participation of Coima Image, the conference aimed to illustrate and expound upon, before an audience of 200 designers, the architectural objectives, technical content, and construction methods of the building that has become a symbol of the “new” Milan. Particular attention was paid to the contributions of the companies which, like Cotto d’Este, participated in the realization of the

Bosco Verticale.


Cotto d’Este was, in fact, one of the technical partners that contributed to the realization of the award-winning buildings designed by Stefano Boeri, Gianandrea Barreca, and Giovanni La Varra. The external facades of the two residential towers used Blackstone, tailor-made ceramic surfaces in 14mm thick porcelain stoneware, manufactured by Cotto d’Este specifically for this project. Inspired by Northern European sandstone, Cotto d’Este’s surfaces are a testament to the technical and aesthetic quality of a premium company able to create, through scrupulous aesthetic research and the use of cutting-edge technology, innovative products that meet the challenges of the architecture of the third millennium.



“The Bosco Verticale: the Challenges of a New Architecture” conference


17 November 2O17, from 9am to 6pm


Riccardo Catella Foundation, Via Gaetano de Castillia, 28 | Milan

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