Panariagroup, Covid-19 Emergency: a Solidarity Fund From the Executives

As part of the broader strategy of corporate social responsibility which it has always upheld, Panariagroup (a multinational group active in the distribution of high end ceramic materials for floors and walls), has, during this crisis created by the global spread of the Covid-19 virus, been promoting an initiative intended to provide support to those of its employees who have most born the brunt of the reduction in work activities.


It has created, in fact, the Fondo di Solidarietà, or Solidarity Fund, to which all of the Executives of the group’s Italian Business Unit were invited to contribute, on a voluntary basis, 20% of three months of their own salary in order to compensate the remuneration of their colleagues collecting unemployment wages due to reduced business.


The entire collected amount will be distributed to workers and employees in proportion to the hours of unemployment benefits which they have collected and will be included in their July 2020 pay check.


Emilio Mussini, President of Panariagroup, said:


“At such a generally critical time as this, our company is seeking to pursue all possible initiatives aimed not only at ensuring the health and safety of our employees, but also supporting them during what is certainly a difficult time from a financial perspective, in an effort to provide them and their families with some peace of mind. The enthusiasm with which the group’s executives participated in this action of solidarity, which represents a new and significant Social Responsibility and Sustainability initiative for the company, is an enormous source of pride.”.

At the end of March, Panariagroup released its fourth Sustainability Report, the only Italian ceramic company operating with a certified report, the official presentation of which is planned before the summer.