Lea Ceramiche – Fuorisalone 2018 Concreto by Fabio Novembre: the new evolution of thin slabs by Lea Ceramiche

At this edition of Fuorisalone, Lea Ceramiche presents a new collection of surfaces, Concreto, designed by Fabio Novembre, with an installation in the showroom in Via Durini, Milan, created by the designer himself.

Concreto, the result of the company’s ability to carefully link creativity, innovation and know-how, reflects Lea Ceramiche’s philosophy, which focuses on a continuous evolution of ideas and technologies and in-depth research into the aesthetic properties of the material.

The close collaboration between Lea Ceramiche and designers has produced an eloquent exchange of ideas and knowledge able to influence and define the tastes and styles of our times. At the centre of this product development process is the company’s creativity and established industrial capacity.

Fabio Novembre’s new collection Concreto, which explores the theme of concrete with a hyper-realistic representation of cement surfaces, is an excellent example of this intense exchange.


The conceptual process starts with an aesthetic and a material analysis, fully capturing the features of the material, but then going beyond these objective facts by warping and emphasizing them: the different textures and colours of cement become the backgrounds of the collection in four shades – extra light, light, medium, dark and rust, reflecting the qualities of the base material through the use of laminated porcelain stoneware technology.


“Stoneware is the most advanced and sustainable building material of our time, a real tabula rasa to use to tell the stories of materials. You can’t leave out a chapter dedicated to cement.

To narrate it, we tried to replicate the organic element in the mixture, the original material, water with its undulating movements (Tide), the absence of water (Dry), the stories of the creatures living in water (Reef and Foam) and the effect gravity has on water (Drops). The result is a very physical, organic collection, able to adapt to any setting.



I grew up in one of those mythical New York lofts, an open space with few quite similar looking walls. In this setting cement, the material, and the impact of cement, is fundamental.

In order to give this kind of interpretive freedom to spaces, we arrived at this material from Lea. 

Concreto is a collection designed for those who do not want barriers, for those who take on a life without breaks and interruptions, for those who do not want to live in a cage.”

Fabio Novembre


With the new Concreto collection, Lea Ceramiche is presenting the Slimtech line for the first time in the new sizes of 120x120cm and 120x260cm with a thickness of 6mm, further extending the potential uses.


Concreto incorporates all the Lea Ceramiche qualities, presenting an innovative, sophisticated collection, both from a creative and from a technical point of view. A collection of unique beauty, offering wide freedom of interpretation and able to adapt to any space.


Concept by Fabio Novembre

Lea Ceramiche Showroom

Via Durini 3 Milano

Tuesday / Saturday from 10.00 to 20.00