Panariagroup, a leader in quality. The new EPD confirms the Group’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility



Panariagroup and its brands, which over the last 3 years have made investments that have consistently amounted to over 10% of turnover, are among the companies capable of offering outstanding products and services.


Confirming its attention to the credibility of its products, in order to respond in an increasingly targeted manner to market needs and in particular to the requirements of architects and designers looking for the best aesthetic solutions that meet the most stringent environmental standards, the Group has achieved the important goal of the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) for its production processes at 3 Italian plants: Fiorano Modenese, Finale Emilia and Toano. This once again confirms its commitment to quality and environmental sustainability, one of the Group’s distinctive features.


The EPD, a communication certified and verified by an independent body, transparently and objectively expresses the environmental performance of products throughout their life cycle and allows professionals to choose products that meet eco-friendly criteria for the architectural design of buildings with an emphasis on Smart and Green Building.

The declaration is, in fact, perfectly integrated with the most important international Sustainability Rating schemes for evaluating buildings, based on a series of qualitative and quantitative criteria.


This is an important milestone for Panariagroup, further enlarging its abundant portfolio of certifications in order to make its brands increasingly competitive in the global market and to attest to the quality of its products and services.



Obtaining the EPD Declaration,” commented Emilio Mussini, President of Panariagroup, “is just the latest step in a long process that has seen investments grow over time to increasingly strengthen the Group’s green profile, starting from the publication of the Sustainability Report, for which we are the only player in our industry to boast a certification from a third party that attests to our absolute professionalism and authority.”


Thanks to the considerable expertise of the Research and Development team and to total control of product processing and of the production process, Panariagroup can significantly raise the profile of its ceramic surfaces in different markets and among all stakeholders: from the final consumer to retailers, designers and professionals seeking perfection in materials.