A new, prestigious Sustainability Award

At the fourth edition of the Sustainability Awards the prize by LC Publishing which recognises the best sustainability projects – Panariagroup was presented with the award for best performance in the category of Infrastructure & Construction.


Panariagroup’s enduring commitment to sustainability, alongside its innovative achievements and significant milestones, has distinguished it as a leading company among over forty competitors in the sector. In 2004, Panariagroup was the first to launch ultra-thin over-sized slabs on the market. This revolutionary product cuts down on raw materials, water, and energy during production and significantly reduces the environmental impact associated with its transport. Since 2017, the group has consistently published a Sustainability Report and is the only company in its sector to have this document certified by third parties, thereby guaranteeing the quality and credibility with which the group reports its activities. Since 2018, Panariagroup has remained the sole company in its sector to join the United Nations Global Compact which encourages businesses to establish a financial, social, and environmental framework that promotes a healthy and sustainable global economy and ensures everyone the opportunity to share its benefits.

In the same year, the company aligned itself with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, identifying the most significant SDG goals to address in its business operations. In 2021, the company formalised its Sustainability Plan, consisting of three pillars: People, Planet, and Prosperity. Each pillar embodies the group’s ambitious vision and the strategic approach it intends to pursue in reaching its remarkable objectives.


Building on these principles, in September 2022 Panariagroup launched the ambitious THINk ZERO project. After maximizing the reduction of energy, water, and raw materials in the production of its ultra-thin slabs, the company now fully offsets their residual CO2 emissions, calculating them over the course of the product’s entire lifecycle, by purchasing credits that support international sustainable mobility projects, thus offering a 100% Carbon Neutral product. The THINk ZERO project is part of a massive international communications campaign aimed at raising awareness about how choosing sustainable products and innovative installation techniques is a fundamental prerequisite for promoting increasingly environmentally conscious construction practices. Ceramic has always accompanied human evolution and, today, thanks to technological advancements in the production process, it has become one of the most sustainable materials available to designers. Furthermore, thanks to its inherent characteristics, ceramic allows for easier disposal after a lengthy lifecycle that can reach up to 50 years.


“We’re very proud to receive this award, a further confirmation that our commitment and our business model allow us to achieve concrete and tangible results,” commented Emilio Mussini, President of Panariagroup. He added, “Construction is one of the sectors with the highest environmental impact. As active participants and leaders in our field, we must help to drive sustainable, attentive, and rigorous development, continuing to elevate our responsibility and our contribution to this increasingly challenging context.”