Panariagroup has obtained the patent for its innovative laying technique

Thanks to a constant focus on research and development, Panariagroup has obtained the patent for its innovative laying technique EASY, intended for both the residential and commercial markets


Panariagroup affirms its position as a pioneer in innovation and sustainability, earning a patent that recognises its ability to continuously develop valuable and long-lasting solutions.


Fiorano Modenese, 22 June 2022 – in May 2022, Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche, a multinational Italian group and world leader in the production and distribution of ceramic surfaces for flooring and cladding,  earned, within the scope of the study and development of innovative solutions for its products, patent n.  102020000002845 for the unique, sustainable, and simple laying technique of its ultra-thin product designed for the residential and commercial sectors.


The Italian Patent and Trademark Office has acknowledged the invention of KERLITE EASY© as the first certified dry lay system for all kinds of flooring solutions made with ultra-thin, fibreglass-reinforced products. The innovative element of the solutions consists in having identified and industrialised a flexible and innovative method for installing porcelain stoneware flooring that avoids the use of chemical products and/or glues as binding agents, while at the same time demonstrating a focus on sustainability and the product’s installation efficiency, thanks to the use of the SILENT mat and the FILLER sealant which ensure the utmost durability and stability of the surface.


The true innovation lies in the use of a new system which drastically reduces the time that it takes to install and/or uninstall the product so that the Kerlite slabs can be reused, thus optimising one’s investment.

The laying technique EASY makes it simple to clad and renovate spaces without demolishing the old flooring, as it can be laid on top of pre-existing surfaces and is, therefore, a one-of-a-kind laying method. But above all, KERLITE EASY© is installed without the use of an adhesive, thus reducing the use of chemical products. Over and above, the exclusive use of ultra-thin, fibreglass-reinforced slabs, with a minimum thickness of just 5.5 mm, makes it more durable than any other traditional laying system. The solution refers to Kerlite, but the group makes the solution available for use with other of its thin products as well, such as Slimtech by Lea Ceramiche.


This solution, also recognised by the prestigious 2021 ADI (Association for Industrial Design) Design Index, confirms Panariagroup’s vision and commitment to developing innovative products that can facilitate a circular and financially sustainable economy which fully respects the environment and the end client. In development since 2012 and created entirely thanks to the company’s internal economic resources, the laying system EASY presents itself as the completely original and strategic application of a pre-existing solution.


With regard to this milestone, Architect Marco Grisendi, the Head of Panariagroup’s Engineering Section, says: “We’re very proud of this acknowledgement, which is yet another testament to Panariagroup’s ability to develop better solutions that are compatible with the market’s new demands, offering our clients an innovative, sustainable, and high-quality product. Thanks to a stable investment plan and a constant focus on industrial research and development activities, Panariagroup today represents one of the primary international benchmarks for the production of high-end ceramic cladding and surfaces, with many prominent clients who rely on our proven credibility.”


This patent is a further testament to the company’s commitment to innovation focused on sustainability, a commitment that was once again extensively documented in the 6th Sustainability Report, relating to the activities of 2021, continuing to adhere to the virtuous models of transparency and responsibility which it acquired during its experience on the Italian stock exchange.




Today Panariagroup operates in more than 130 countries and boasts a prestigious production line that offers a wide range of solutions manufactured by nine commercial brands distributed throughout Italy and the world. With this patent, the group aims to reaffirm its ability to respond to and anticipate the sector’s trends in residential, commercial, and public architecture, offering certified and cutting-edge solutions, from both an aesthetic point of view and a technological one.