Panariagroup launches Contract & Key Account Division

This is a new specialist company division offering architects and designers a complete and full service, backed by the experience of prestigious projects all over the world and more than 1000 products developed by the Group.


Panariagroup, one of the leading international groups in the production of high-end and luxury ceramic surfaces, has just officially launched the Contract & Key-Account organisation, a new division focused on large, international, architectural projects.


The company division offers architects and designers of major works a channel to interact with a team of professionals able to respond effectively to all current needs and trends in architecture around the globe.


Contract & Key-Account is characterised by the full range of services it offers to the world of architecture and design, from design consultancy, project coordination and logistics to technical assistance, as well as special projects on demand. The expertise and experience of the team is the basis for dialogue and collaboration with designers and architects, always with the aim of quickly finding specific solutions to fit design requirements. This means support at the pre- and post-sales stages and the availability of sound technical advice at all phases of the project, from the first draft up to the final installation.


Panariagroup’s wide product range is available for this important market segment. There are over one thousand products from the Italian, Portuguese and American manufacturing plants, made using the most innovative technologies: porcelain stoneware, laminated porcelain stoneware (the revolutionary large, thin slabs), thick stoneware for exteriors and monoporous cladding.


In particular, Panariagroup’s laminated porcelain stoneware is a benchmark for the sector thanks to its versatility of use and unique attributes from a technical and aesthetic point of view. Panariagroup was the first company to invest in this material and up to today has the highest volume of sales world-wide. Today’s contemporary architecture requires designers and architects to create solutions which are both original and functional. These are two characteristics of the Group’s laminated porcelain – and the reasons which have made it a success. Durability, flexibility and versatility are technical features highly appreciated by the architects and designers, who choose this Panariagroup material – ultra-thin, only 3.5 or 5.5 mm thick, reinforced on the back with fiberglass – for their projects.


The technically avant-garde Panariagroup products play an important role in architecture, where, in such features as ventilated facades and raised floors, they provide strong design input.


In recent years, the Group has received large orders related to contracts for major construction works and important architectural projects. These testify to the esteem professionals in the field of architecture and design hold for the technical, aesthetic and eco-sustainability qualities of Panariagroup solutions: particularly noteworthy is the exclusive Protect technology, developed in collaboration with the world leader Microban, which allows us to supply high-performance antibacterial floors and coatings.


The unconditional pursuit of quality and aesthetic excellence has been a major factor in the choice of Panariagroup ceramic surfaces for the realization of international architectural works. Over the last five years, projects include the Doha airport in Qatar, the multi-award-winning Bosco Verticale in Milan, the metro stations of Paris, the Variante di Valico on the Autostrada del Sole and the stations for the high-speed trains in Bologna and at Tiburtina in Rome.



In line with the international, multi-brand strategy that makes the Panariagroup stand out in the sector, the new division provides a globally accessible platform not only for the products of the various Group brands – each with its own identity and distinctive characteristics – but also for a series of value-added services, such as planning consultancy, project coordination and logistics, technical assistance and also the implementation of customised special projects.


The Contract & Key-Account Division of Panariagroup will enter the international market in an impressive way in 2018, with a capillary presence at the main events focused on architecture and design around the world.



The key to progress in our Group”, said Emilio Mussini, President of Panariagroup, “has always been in the ability to face new challenges, not only thanks to a wide and complete range of brands, which cover all market segments, but also thanks to structures, skills and professionals thoroughly dedicated and focused on serving specific channels and markets”.


The new Contract & Key-Account Division”, continued Mussini, “is an initiative aimed at organizing and developing relationships with an increasingly important market, the one which deals with the most prestigious architectural works in the world, through comprehensive attention to the specific needs of this sector and by providing high value-added services.


In 2016 Panariagroup achieved a record turnover of €377 million, with 82% of sales in foreign markets.

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