Panariagroup presents its fourth sustainability report: excellent results and new goals for the environment, people and products

Panariagroup, a world leader in the production and distribution of high-quality, aesthetically outstanding ceramic surfaces for floors and walls, presents its fourth Sustainability Report for the 2019 financial year, which meticulously summarizes and certifies the company’s commitment to economic, environmental and social responsibility.


In 2019 outstanding results were again confirmed for certain important sustainability criteria, combined with new initiatives that have made it possible, in particular, to increase employee involvement and further strengthen green product certifications.


At the core of its business strategies, Panariagroup is increasingly committed to creating products for improved quality of life, confident that investing in sustainability will be central to economic revival, including during this period of profound transformation.

This is an essential commitment, especially for those who, like Panariagroup, create products that millions of people all around the world encounter in their daily life, at home or in public places.


Adopting a pioneering spirit that is well ahead of its competitors, over the years the Group has made important strategic and industrial choices based on a sustainable and responsible approach.

For example, the Group is a technological and commercial leader in the antibacterial products segment: PROTECT® products have provided a health and safety guarantee worldwide for over 10 years.

Panariagroup is the only Italian ceramic company that offers this antibacterial technology as standard on almost all its collections, making it possible to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria from surfaces, in all light conditions and for the product’s entire life. This success is also reflected in sales: in 2019 the Group sold approximately 3,400,000 m2 of PROTECT® products worldwide. These surfaces make it possible to bring the benefits of antibacterial technologies to all home environments and beyond. Even public places, such as health environments, restaurants, airports and schools, are spaces where prevention and hygiene are becoming increasingly important priorities.

The PROTECT® line is just one of the cornerstones of the Group’s commitment to quality of life and well-being.


Panariagroup was the first ceramic group to heavily invest in ultra-thin slabs, the flagship of the Group’s sustainable approach. The manufacturing process to create this product has a reduced environmental impact (since it is 2/3 less thick than traditional tiles) and the slabs are suitable for highly sustainable renovation because they can be applied on top of existing coverings, which means there is no impact in terms of waste or demolition pollution.


A notable achievement in this regard is the Group’s recent introduction of Kerlite Easy, an innovative dry laying system for installing the ceramic material without adhesive, enabling maximum simplicity, speed and savings in the application of the product, as well as the option of removing it and recovering it for new uses, offering an added benefit in terms of sustainability and circularity.


All the Group’s products are designed according to a green philosophy, which guides its constant pursuit of innovation, combined with the high sensitivity for environmental and social issues that the company dedicates both to its ceramic collections and to its production processes, aware of the impact of the sector in which it operates and of new consumer sensibilities.


Panariagroup’s quality is fully certified. Its production processes and products have obtained the most important international certifications, including the most advanced certifications in the field of sustainable architecture, such as the recent Green Guard Gold, which certifies the salubrity of the company’s products. As a further testament to the central role that environmental sustainability plays for the Group, all the production plants in Europe, all highly automated and integrated, have achieved the ISO 14001 and EMAS environmental management certifications.

Panariagroup’s countless references around the world confirm its aesthetic and technical value. In 2019 alone, the products manufactured by Panariagroup and its brands were chosen for the construction, among other projects, of the Generali Group Academy Headquarters in Trieste, the Rearth Inc. Headquarters in South Korea, the Uptown and Green Opificio residences in Milan and chef Heinz Beck’s Attimi restaurant. They were also selected for the construction of the Sustainability Pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai, which was recently postponed to 2021.

Finally, it is the only company in the sector to have a certified Sustainability Report prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards published by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and based on the guidelines of the United Nations (UN) Global Compact, an initiative that aims to promote corporate social responsibility by adhering to ten fundamental principles relating to human rights, work, the environment and the fight against corruption.