Panariagroup presents its third Sustainability Report. New goals achieved relating to the Environment, People and the Local area

Panariagroup, a world leader in the production and distribution of high-quality, aesthetically outstanding ceramic surfaces for floors and walls, presents its third Sustainability Report for the 2018 financial year, gearing its business strategies around an even more focused commitment to creating products for a better quality of life.


All the Group’s products are designed according to this philosophy, which guides its constant pursuit of innovation, combined with the high sensitivity for environmental and social issues that the company dedicates both to its products and to its production processes, aware of the impact of the sector in which it operates and of new consumer sensibilities.


Over the last 10 years, 50 billion sq m of new concrete surfaces have been constructed worldwide and 230 billion sq m of new buildings are planned in the course of the next 40 years. Furthermore, the construction sector is responsible for 39% of global CO2 emissions (UN GlobalABC Global Status Report 2018). In view of these figures, the Group is constantly committed to reducing its environmental impact.


A paradigm shift is also underway. From 2030, designers in Europe will select materials and construction techniques based on their environmental impact and today’s consumers are already changing their behaviour: they are looking for companies that are not only excellent, but also careful and responsible, as evidenced by the recent Lifegate observatory on consumer lifestyles (5th LifeGate National Observatory on Sustainable Lifestyles, March 2019).


Therefore, faced with the need to propose a new way of doing business, Panariagroup has seized the challenges of the present day with constant commitment, creating products for quality of life that combine beauty, excellence and sustainability.


With the publication of its third Sustainability Report, Panariagroup confirms the key role of Corporate Social Responsibility in the work of all its Business Units (Italy, Portugal and USA) in terms of economic, environmental and social responsibility.

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