A dynamic sequence of rhomboidal floor modules designed by Lea Ceramiche distinguishes the Briscola Pizza Society restaurants in Milan. The casual dining brand entrusted the architectural design of the locations in the Porta Nuova and Duomo areas to Fabio Novembre. The two new locations seem to recreate an underground environment typical of university fraternities, which inspired Studio Novembre to give the project a perfectly recognizable style that can be repeated on an international scale.

The floor’s decorative strength comes from the graphic pattern created with Lea Ceramiche’s Slimtech Take Care, the latest-generation ceramic tiles that combine aesthetics and functionality. With a reduced thickness of 5.5 mm, Slimtech Take Care comes in oversized sizes (up to 3 m x 1 m), which in this case were specially cut at the request of the designer, in order to recreate the classic design of playing cards on the surface.


The bold contrast of the colours used and the special geometry of the modules express the power of the material, which is capable of responding to different design requirements and of giving rooms an original and visually striking look. To counterbalance the floor, the walls feature full-height designs from Briscola playing cards in black, white and red, which dominate the entire space.


Photo credits: Jacopo Spilimbergo


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