Ciudad de Valencia Ferry

The impressive Ciudad de Valencia ferry has a light, resistant and high-performance ceramic heart. A big heart: 2,700 square metres of surfaces covered by Cotto d’Este, including thin, large-format porcelain stoneware ceramic slabs. These light, weather-resistant, very hygienic slabs guarantee the highest quality and performance standards for the shipping industry, which has strict and essential requirements.


Ciudad de Valencia, which recently travelled along the Tartaro-Canalbianco-Po di Levante river to the delight of spectators, is a real technological gem: built in the largest private shipyard in Italy, Cantieri Navali Visentin, it is one of the most cutting-edge boats of its type. It was therefore only natural that when it came to the choice of ceramic surfaces, the ferry’s engineers selected a partner that could guarantee exceptional performance and total safety in terms of antibacterial protection.


The project’s standout feature is the large Kerlite slabs, an extraordinary addition to any architectural and interior design project, which in this case are perfectly suited to the shipping industry since they are ultra-thin, extremely light surfaces that offer excellent performance and uncompromising aesthetic quality. Thanks to the fibreglass reinforcement, they guarantee extra resistance, while the exclusive Protect® technology transforms them into effective antibacterial shields for constantly protected spaces.





The Woodland Kerlite 6plus collection was used, evoking a fascinating journey in search of high-quality wood featuring an effect that reproduces the living beauty impressed in the material in the form of vein patterns and colours with streaks that are sometimes neat and sometimes deep and pronounced.


The second collection featured on the Ciudad de Valencia is Cement Project Kerlite 5plus, which offers a cement effect that is extremely accurate in both aesthetic and sensory terms. It is a line that recalls the 20th century’s large brutalist architecture, conveyed by its severe and strong expressive power, opening up to a considerable variety of interpretations that make it suitable for the most varied contexts, including boats.


The Cement Project floor installation is accompanied by Kerlite Elegance, whose name speaks for itself. The line reproduces an exquisite type of limestone from Asia Minor: the Antalya Limestone. This surface stands out from every other kind of porcelain stoneware due to the quality of its finishes and attention to detail. It also uses Protect® antibacterial technology to ensure a healthy, safe and protected stay for all the guests on board.


Finally, the bar and restaurant area is completed by Kerlite Exedra Rain Grey and Kerlite Wonderwall in the Venice decor. The former as a marble-effect covering for the counter, which is therefore extremely practical, including for routine cleaning, as well as being extraordinarily elegant, and the latter as a decorative element for the walls. The subject portrayed pays homage to Venice, a city that fully celebrates Italian style, elegance and people’s relationship with the sea.

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