Ceramics: a safe choice

Unlike some flooring materials that are healthy and durable as long as strict instructions for use and maintenance are followed, ceramic is intrinsically hygienic and hard wearing.

Ceramic does not contain plastic, it is fire resistant and it does not give off toxic fumes. It does not expand, deteriorate or favour the proliferation of fungi, mould or bacteria and it is recyclable. When properly installed, it guarantees long-lasting stability and hygiene of floors, walls, worktops and surfaces in every room of the house or workplace.


Ceramics of Italy


Confindustria Ceramica, with the introduction of the regulations for the use of the brand which came into force at the beginning of 2009, intends to enhance the production of Italian ceramics, coming exclusively from factories located in Italy. In fact, the prestigious Ceramics of Italy mark of origin can now only be affixed to products actually made in Italy.

The declaration of origin constitutes a strategic element within the process of modernization and adaptation to the needs of international trade in ceramic products. This programme requires a voluntary commitment by companies to define the origin of the products marketed, in accordance with the Recommendation, the document on which the initiative is based and which is a precondition for the use of the Ceramics of Italy mark by Confindustria Ceramica members. Member companies must also refer to the Regulations for use of the brand, a further step forward in promoting transparency in commercial action and an informed choice by the consumer.


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