Doing Business in the Name of Sustainability

At Panariagroup, we believe in promoting growth and well-being in harmony with people and the environment. It is a significant responsibility for us as our products become a part of millions of people’s daily lives, whether at home, in public spaces, or at work.

We strive to improve the quality of life for both our clients and ourselves, upholding our corporate mission and aligning with people’s growing awareness.


We are proud to announce the release of our seventh Sustainability Report, a document certified by a leading auditing firm – a unique distinction in our market. Through the report, we accurately showcase every year our activities, objectives, and results to uphold our unwavering commitment to fulfilling our corporate mission.


To further our commitment, we have been pursuing an ambitious Sustainability Plan with meaningful initiatives and objectives focused on three main topics – Planet, Prosperity, and People – and, in 2022, we launched THINk ZERO, a significant project for our ultra-thin slabs, which are now 100% Carbon Neutral.


As early as 2004, we were the first in the ceramic sector to invest in the development of ceramic slabs designed from the outset to be sustainable, from the ingredients used to manufacture them (only water, earth, and fire) to a reduction, not only in the water and energy required for their production but also in the pollution generated from their transport and in overall emissions.

While it is impossible to entirely eliminate all environmental impact, we have chosen to take responsibility for the remaining emissions that we produce and, after minimizing as much as possible those generated by the production of the slabs themselves, have launched our THINk ZERO project which further reduces our environmental footprint by purchasing carbon credits tied to projects that contribute to creating a better and more sustainable world.