Landscape Festival 2022 – Panariagroup is partner of the event

Panariagroup partner of the Landscape Festival – The Masters of Landscape


The Group tells the story of its approach in the search for sustainable solutions, able to fit into the architectural landscape in a harmonious way and with increasingly reduced environmental impact. 


Panariagroup, an Italian multinational group world leader in the production and distribution of ceramic surfaces for floors and walls of exceptional level, is a partner of Landscape Festival 2022, the event dedicated to the themes of Landscape that since 2011 has brought the world’s best landscape designers to Bergamo. The theme of this year’s event, which will be held from 8 to 25 September, is Forgotten Landscape: an invitation to discover the forgotten relationship with the territory, silent and sometimes forgotten guardian of an inestimable cultural heritage.


What unites Panariagroup and the Landscape Festival is certainly a commonality of purpose. On the one hand, Panariagroup creates ceramic solutions of the highest quality that fit harmoniously into cities, enhancing their characteristics and helping to redesign their profiles; on the other, the Landscape Festival elevates the landscape to a vibrant protagonist, highlighting its influence on the cultural and social life of the country.


Landscape Festival also makes as it own an important message of sustainability and protection of the territory, and the partnership with Panariagroup is truly part of this direction, since the Group has long undertaken a concrete, structured and even certified path to protect sustainable development.


One example out of many is represented by the large ultra-thin slabs in laminated porcelain stoneware, extraordinarily light with a thickness of up to 3.5 mm, protagonists of a fascinating installation at Piazza della Cittadella in Bergamo. An installation designed to highlight a versatile and resistant material, an expression of a technology that has revolutionised the production process in order to obtain a completely sustainable solution. The reduced thickness requires, in fact, a lower consumption of raw materials, energy and water, as well as reducing transport pollution and CO2 emissions. The large thin slabs also lend themselves to a circular economy: they can be laid directly over existing materials, therefore, without creating construction waste and without the use of glue, to be recovered and reused elsewhere.


The Landscape Festival represents for Panariagroup an opportunity for dialogue and sharing of the best practices that the best Italian ceramic industry has been able to find to contribute to the construction and enhancement of a landscape that, at any latitude, is rich in history, beauty and culture.