Panariagroup joins the United Nations Global Compact

Sustainability is a cornerstone of our way of doing business.

From the outset, Corporate Social Responsibility has been a major item on the Group’s agenda. At the Panariagroup, we believe in an ethical and respectful way of doing business both where resources and where people are concerned. We have always maintained our commitment to creating long-term value with particular attention to the social, environmental and economic development of the community of which we are part.”


With these words Emilio Mussini, President of Panariagroup, a leading international group in the production of ceramic surfaces for the high-end, luxury market segment, welcomes the company’s adhesion to the UN Global Compact. This is the largest corporate sustainability initiative worldwide and was set up by the United Nations. There are now 10,000 companies participating in 164 countries.


The UN Global Compact encourages its private sector participants to adopt policies in four fundamental areas: respect for human rights, fair labour standards, environmental sustainability and the fight against corruption. These translate into ten principles that member companies must adopt and respect in their approach to business, so that the ethics and values become an integral part of their strategies and operations, in full compliance with the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility.


Panariagroup, by adhering to the UN Global Compact, is committed to these fundamental rules and is open to comparison on decisive issues at the international level, while confirming their central role in the company’s development policies.