Headquarter Ugolini

A new directional and productive headquarters for Ugolini, historic manufacturer of refrigeration machines, with a marked fluidity in the interiors, volumetrics and architecture, all characteristics of the buildings that make up the headquarters. The studio Barreca & La Varra, in charge of the project, is renowned in Italy and in the world for urban design and is constantly focused on new construction technologies, using them in their experimentation of a complex architectural language attentive to the changing components of contemporary society. The architects of Barreca & La Varra have perfectly integrated the buildings of Ugolini into the surrounding landscape of the municipality of Torrevecchia Pia, in the province of Pavia: the industrial climate is expertly “softened” by vegetation and much space is granted to the light that abundantly illuminates the various environments. Carefully selected materials and contemporary morphologies reinterpret the forms of the Lombardy tradition.




The design studio, following the style that inspired the entire headquarters, has been very attentive to the choice of floors and coatings, opting for the antibacterial surfaces of Cotto d’Este, which not only guarantee excellent technical performance, but also easy sanitisation, an increasingly discriminating factor in today’s workplaces. The flooring of the offices reprises the efficiency and productivity of the context with the same colours of the industrial floors present in the production plant and warehouse. For these airy and bright professional spaces, the collection of 14 mm thick porcelain stoneware with a rolled concrete effect of the X-Beton collection by Cotto d’Este was chosen, reproducing all the corporeity and essentiality of this material. The surface, in the 60×120 cm and 60×60 cm sizes, covers about 1800 square metres and reproduces the typical ridges of rolled concrete, with an interesting optical depth. Thanks to the opaque effect, soft to the touch and emphasised by a slight patina, the atmosphere in the office becomes intense and welcoming.