Zalaegerszeg Test Track

One of the recent international projects that has seen Slimtech chosen as the flooring product is Zala Zone in Hungary, a research centre into driverless electric vehicles which strikes the perfect balance between style and substance. In May 2016, the Hungarian government gave the green light for the construction of a vehicle testing circuit in Zalaegerszeg as part of efforts to strengthen research and development in the field of sustainable mobility in the country. This led to the creation of Automotive Proving Ground Ltd., the company responsible for managing and delivering all activities linked to that objective.




The main building at the complex serves as the central point of the testing track as well as providing the visitors’ entrance, with events spaces and various different rooms and offices. For the flooring, M-Teampannon Architecture and Engineering opted for Lea Ceramiche’s slate-inspired Slimtech Waterfall collection, which recreates the iridescent effect synonymous with that variety of stone. Used here in the Silver Flow colour, the porcelain stoneware Waterfall tiles feature irregularities and colour variations, creating a natural, worn effect. Meanwhile, the large tiles – with their 5.5 mm thickness – combine perfectly with the architectural style of the building as a whole from the perspective of design and function.


Slimtech is also a highly sustainable material in that it uses less raw materials, consumes less water and energy and results in decreased CO2 emissions, making it the perfect choice for a building whose raison d’etre is environmental responsibility. Thanks to the PROTECT® technology, which is incorporated during the manufacturing stage, the tiles also have permanent anti-bacterial properties, guaranteeing surfaces that are clean, protected and safe – ideal for spaces that are used by large numbers of different people.