Korea Exchange (KRX), situated in the heart of the business district in the island of Yeouido on the Han River in Seoul, is the sole securities exchange operator in South Korea. Cotto d’Este and Blustyle proved to be the most appropriate choice for the floor and wall covering of the surfaces of the elegant and airy building, whose wide spaces are invaded by an evocative natural light.

Cotto d’Este and Blustyle’s surfaces have greatly contributed to the overall appearance of the structure. The predominating nuance of the wall coverings of this prestigious building is Amber, from the Kerlite 5plus Limestone collection by Cotto d’Este. This beauty comes from the seabed: sedimented, stratified and fixed in stone by the patient work of water and time, that the company has recreated and interpreted in a new elegant and modern guise. A unique and exclusive product, in laminated porcelain stoneware with 5.5 mm thickness, that combines the most attractive veining and the most delicate chromatic passages with three extraordinary surfaces: Natural, Honed and Blazed. The collection is also part of the PROTECT® antibacterial line: antibacterial, high-performance floor and wall coverings for healthy, safe and protected environments.

For the flooring, Yosemite by Blustyle was chosen, in the Park nuance, a collection that gathers together an accurate selection of slabs in limestone with deep naturalness. A series in porcelain stoneware with 9.5 mm thickness and a strong and elegant personality, suitable for projects with modern inspiration.