ProfMedica Clinic

The ProfMedica clinic in Poznan, Poland, can be described as special due to its various distinctive features that have been tastefully highlighted by the Pulva firm that oversaw the project: “Our goal for the interior of this building was to create a sense of comfort, including visual comfort, far removed from the sterile environment typical of hospital facilities. We aimed for absolute minimalism paired with soft, targeted lighting, while including artworks to lend the spaces personality.”

The lobby, for example, is dominated by a huge sculptural wall behind the reception, while the entire building has a professional, yet warm and elegant atmosphere enhanced by Cotto d’Este surfaces.

The ground floor with its impressive lobby is one of the focal points of the ProfMedica clinic. This area and the bathrooms feature surfaces from Cotto d’Este’s Limestone collection, with thick porcelain stoneware selected by the designers in the dark grey Oyster version. This line expresses the distinctive beauty of the seabed: layered and fixed in stone through the patient work of water and time.

Cotto d’Este’s Limestone has been recreated and interpreted with a new, elegant and contemporary look featuring discrete veining and delicate colour transitions. The collection is also part of the PROTECT® line, an effective silver ion antibacterial shield incorporated into the tiles, which eliminates up to 99. 9% of bacteria from the surface. This is an extremely important consideration, especially in hospitals and clinics.