Supporter Deluxe Hotel

Elegance, research and passion for the local area: this is the essence of the Supporter Deluxe Hotel on the Trabocchi Coast in Abruzzo. The hotel is an impressive and courageous project that resulted from the meeting of two creative, yet practical and determined families. The luxury of the Supporter style and the setting make the hotel a unique place to unwind.


Surrounded by a dazzling light created by the pure white of the rooms, in every corner of the building, from the lobby to the restaurant and the outdoor swimming pool, you can enjoy high-level design characterised by purity and comfort. The rooms are the ultimate expression of elegance, in which bright white and corten shades are combined with warm earth tones.



For the floor of the hotel lobby, the Zero.3 Must collection was chosen in the Be White Lux variant: superior-quality thin ceramic slabs made of a 5.5 mm laminated porcelain stoneware that creates bright surfaces that perfectly harmonize with the space. Zero.3 Must is also made with antibacterial Protect® technology and therefore guarantees environments that are healthy, which is particularly essential in contexts that must ensure their guests the utmost safety and hygiene. By reducing surface bacteria by up to 99.9%, the tiles are ideal for protecting guests’ well-being. In addition to offering very high performance, the materials’ aesthetic quality helps to make the rooms pleasant, relaxing and welcoming. The Fiordo line in the Frame – Glen collection, a very expressive series inspired by slate, was used for the outdoor flooring in the areas adjacent to the swimming pool. The other outdoor areas and terraces feature the Discover collection in White, a collection with a modern and natural design that boasts a very contemporary look.